What is

SkySkopes Academy

Founded in 2017, SkySkopes Academy’s goal is to deliver the most critical knowledge of unmanned flight systems in an effective and engaging manner.  Safety is a top priority for our staff at SkySkopes, a national leader in unmanned flight operations, and we wanted to share our knowledge with others interested in unmanned aircraft systems. We created SkySkopes Academy as a means of providing extensive education and training opportunities to students looking to take their UAS experience to the next level. Our academy brings together UAS experts from across the industry to provide a comprehensive curriculum that teaches our students to safely and knowledgeably fly their aircraft in the national airspace. The courses are based on our internal training procedures for our staff and are designed to be interactive to encourage a better learning experience for students. SkySkopes Academy is headquartered in Grand Forks, ND, which is considered a hub for unmanned aircraft innovation and development. 
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Who is

SkySkopes, Inc.

SkySkopes was the first North Dakota startup legally approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly unmanned aircraft for business purposes and has grown to the scale of national and international operations. Using revolutionary technology, SkySkopes provides unique and actionable aerial data to clients. SkySkopes specializes in UAS automated inspections of transmission and distribution lines. In addition to inspections, SkySkopes also services the energy and oil & gas sectors.
For more information, visit www.skyskopes.com or follow SkySkopes on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Meet Our Instructors:


Mike Johnson

Director of Flight Operations

Cory Vinger

Chief Instructor Pilot

Eric Goetsch

Lead Instructor Pilot